FetCast Episode 28: Snowed In With Bambi

January 27, 2016

KingHulk and Bambi are snowed in while they talk about how they met, balancing life and kink.


FetCast Episode 27: Live! Lunch A Munch

January 20, 2016

Welcome to FetCast's first live lunch a munch episode with KingHulk and surprise guests. Enjoy. 


FetCast Episode 26: Orgy, Porn & Wants

January 13, 2016

Great episode of FetCast with KingHulk and TheGovernHer. Music by Allie Goertz again, please look up her album and buy it. 


FetCast Episode 25: Keeping The Spark Alive

January 7, 2016

This week KingHulk and Nighttingale are joined with MasterThul, KK and LavanderLadie to discuss how to keep the spark alive in a long term relationship. Special thanks to our guests. Also don't forget to find us on Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram!